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                                          Welcome to Ready Recycles


We are excited to offer you the convenience of our business and residential recycle pick up services now available in the Palmer Wasilla area.  

There is definitely a tremendous potential to recover useable materials from the waste stream produced in the Matanuska Valley. Most people will recycle if it is simple, easy and convenient.

We offer our recycle pick up services at a reasonable rate to collect, sort, and deliver recovered materials to the recycling center. Whether you have a business or a home in our service area, or both, we can work out just the right plan to meet your needs. 

                 Ready to Start a Recycling Program at Your Place of Business?    

Our commendations! Your choice to begin recycling at work will define you as a responsible steward of our environment, a leader in safeguarding the sustainability of this land for future generations.

Ready Recycles is here to help you achieve your goals. Wondering how to get started?  Sign up for one of our Easy Recycling Plan Options starting as low as $20/month. Contact us at 745-4224 for more information. Visit our webstore for container ideas. We have some great business incentives. Ask about our discount prices, special rates, and other perks for eco-friendly local businesses!

                                 Ready Recycles Local Business Directory

Click here for a list of Local Businesses that recycle with us right here in the Matanuska Valley! When you use their services and buy their products, you acknowledge the leadership and initiative they have shown in our community. They will appreciate your business.

                            Call Us When You're Ready To Recycle!


Ready Recycles 

3060 Lazy Eight CT. STE. 2

Wasilla, AK. 99654

Tel: (907)745-4224

Locally Owned Private Company.                Licensed and Insured.

                               Government Procurement?  We're Ready!

Ready Recycles is the perfect small business match to help fulfill your bid and contract requirements. We can supply you with a wide variety of recycle container options, with shipping available anywhere within the State of Alaska. Visit our webstore for products we offer, or feel free to contact us with special requests. Click here for Rubbermaid Commercial Products. If you see something you like, we will get it for you. Just contact us directly for price quotes when you are ready!

Small disadvantaged business, woman owned, for profit.  NAICS codes: 562920 Materials Recovery Facilities (recycle pick up);

Thinking About Recycling?

Get Ready!  Get Set!  Recycle!

Ready Recycles is here to help you every step of the way! Call us when you are ready, and we will take care of the rest. We will set you up with a container and convenient weekly pick up services! We even sort for you! We really do make recycling easy! Become one of our recycling champions, and you will shine!

Think of the mountain of materials you can choose to recycle! Cans and plastic containers and cardboard, milk jugs, egg cartons, even tin foil! Grocery bags, bread bags, junk mail, soda bottles, magazines, newspapers, cereal boxes, ziplock bags, phone books, computer paper, the list is endless!

Residential Curbside Rental Container

Convenient, durable, easy to use. Holds up to Alaskan weather. Just bring your container to the curbside on pick up day, and we will sort your items for you and deliver them to the local recycling center.

Our Vision

Alaska will remain beautiful forever, with clean water, clean air, and pristine surroundings.

Our Mission

We will inspire Alaskans in our community to recycle, offering our services to make recycling simple, convenient and affordable.